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The site that offers information, insight and opinions on how to manage the risk to your supply chain.

In the continuing struggle to reduce costs and maximize profits, there has been a focus on improving the efficiencies of every company’s supply chain.  In many cases, the fear of uncertainty and downside risk potential has been shuttled to the side and the focus has been on the best case scenario or expected results. 

When an unexpected event occurs that impacts the company no plan is in place to weather the  challenge.   To meet the challenge the company goes into firefighting mode.  Task forces are tossed together, troops are marshalled, long planning hours are spent in at the “War Room” with the end result hopefully being a band aid to smooth over the  problem, usually at a high monetary cost.

An alternative to that is reviewing the risks associated with the supply chain, link by link and developing contingency plans to help bridge the gaps when the link breaks, or the unexpected happens.

Stay tuned as we look at the supply chain, along with the risks and rewards of managing it to assure the chain remains strong, and when pressured will bend but not break.

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